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Telephone: +41 61 225 20 20
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Website: | is a platform on which the company HattemerPartner offers real estate brokerage and consulting services as well as presents real estate offers in Dubai and makes them accessible to the public.

We do not take part in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.


HattemerPartner GmbH and Dubai Finehomes as well as their employees and managing directors (hereinafter referred to as HattemerPartner):

Cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, conclusions and conclusions drawn as a result of the presentation of the homepage and its content.

Cannot accept any liability as a result of the homepage and its content not being updated due to changes in law and practice.

Publications, lectures and other publications may not be reproduced without the permission of HattemerPartner and Dubai Finehomes.

We recommend that you consult your advisor and the legal regulations before taking any action.

When it comes to taxes, we recommend that you discuss the matter with the tax administration in advance.

Is not responsible for the links or their content, topicality or opinions.

Owns the copyright over the content and presentation of the Publications of any kind are prohibited.

Points out that customer input in connection with the homepage (e.g. address entries, etc.) and input or sending in the form of emails are not protected from third parties.


We recommend that you protect confidential data and documents yourself (e.g. in the form of passwords, etc.) or hand these data and documents personally to HattemerPartner.

All photos shown in connection with the homepage may neither be published nor used for any other purposes.

Translations may differ from the basic German text and lead to different results and conclusions.

International legal provisions and valid practice have not been examined or evaluated in detail in HattemerPartner's presentations.

These are general and non-binding statements.

The user of the homepage undertakes in advance not to make any claims for damages or other claims of any kind against HattemerPartner and Dubai Finehomes.


Any such claims are legally and financially waived by the user of the homepage.

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